NGC 5243 with SN2019fck in Canes Venatici

SN2019fck is a type Ia supernova. The SN exploded actually in a companion of NGC5243. This anonymous dwarf galaxy merges currently with NGC5243 which results in tidal streams and tails between the dwarf and NGC5243 as can be clearly seen in the SDSS image. SN2019fck outshines by far the core of the dwarf galaxy.

Date: 28.05.2019, 21:55h UT

Lens: f=750mm f/5,4

Guiding: TVGuider with Watec 120N and 90mm f/5,6

Exposure: 30 frames of 180 seconds (90 minutes total)
and 25 frames of 180 seconds (75 minutes total)

Camera: Atik 460EX