NGC 404 with AT2018hrg in Andromeda

The transient object AT2018hrg is actually no supernova but a nova. The host galaxy is NGC 404 close to Mirach (β And). Its distance to us is about 3 Mpc close to 10 million light years). This is roughly the same distance as to M 81 and M 82. A supernova at that distance should reach a brightness of around 8 mag without obscuring clouds in the host galaxy or the Milky Way. AT2018hrg reached only a peak brightness of around 17.5 mag. Professional astronomers took a spectrum and confirmed that it was just a nova in NGC 404.
The image is shown two times enlarged.
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Date: 03.11.2018, 01:29h UT

Lens: f=750mm f/5,4

Guiding: TVGuider with Watec 120N and 90mm f/5,6

Exposure: 12 frames of 180 seconds (36 minutes total)

Camera: Atik 460EX